Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Yang lao shi will be uploading the Oral thing on the Google Site. It is up to you to print it. It is suggested that you should at least download it though.

Kinetic Particle Theory WS & WB
Atomic Structure WS & WB
The above two to be handed up all separately.
Orange Chemistry File (Obviously all materials filed)
All of them by tomorrow.

Ten Year Series (TYS): Page 41 Q1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 13
On fullscap/exercise book, by Monday.

Tomorrow Mr Yeo will not be coming to class so, 1st period: Quiz on the chapter (Indices Surds and Logarithms) Mrs Sin will be coming into the class.
Second period: Elearning materials based on the GC on the Maths blog.
Remember to bring your GC and LD, and you don't need to bring your Maths notes :)

{long term announcement} December holidays we're going to do the entire TYS ._.


Extended Reading Program:
Reading list:
Task for Upper Sec

Comprehension due on Monday, hand in only the answers. The questions are to be filed into the English File.

Editing due on Monday. Remember to staple and punch holes.


Please finish the ILL, and the commenting or expect a call from Mrs Jang~

Leaders are to use the box template and send the Podcast reflections to Mrs Jang's email. :D

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