Wednesday, 3 July 2013

3 July

Record yourself reading today's Oral passage and post it up onto the English blog by 9pm
Bring your editing book and do up to practice 32.

Bring your chinese oral book, set of oral papers. 3A textbook and workbook.
Finish the entire chapter 2 of the workbook.
Buy 3B textbook ASAP
Look through the textbook and try to complete the worksheet that has been given out today.

Please bring your file for checking on next Wednesday, 10th July
Bring your periodic table every Chemistry lesson.
Do the activities 1 and 2 by the next lesson.

SPA Files - File
Nutrition in Plants Workbook - Over the weekend.

Bring your thermometer to school tomorrow. Morning assembly is held in class.
Youth day Celebrations is on Friday.

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