Tuesday, 14 May 2013

14 May

E01 Tier A and B - Thursday

Finish up to exercise 30 on the editing book by the end of this month. *Do only 2 exercises at one time!
For those who have not done their Visual Text Analysis and ILL, please do it as soon as possible.


Ammonia WB
Section A, Except Q1, Q6
Section B, Except Q2a
Section C, Except Q1 b(i)
Due Thursday 16 May

From Mr Stanley Tan:

NRIC Registration Exercise:

Date: 15 May (Wednesday)
Operating Time: 1.00pm to 5.00pm.
Venue: Learning Oasis 1 (Block C, #03-12)

Bring along the following:

1. ICA notification letter;

2. 1 recent passport-sized photograph (35x45 mm) with a matt/semi-matt finish;

3. MOE Smartcard (Student EZ-Link card) with a top-up value of minimum $10.00 for SC students and $50 for SPR students;

4. Original/photocopy of deed poll executed by both parents for change of name (including ethnic characters);

5. Original and 1 photocopy of Baptism/Religious Certificate for insertion of religious name;

6. For SPR only: Foreign passport, Certificate of Identity with valid Re-entry permit.

S3-01: 2.15pm
S3-02: 2.30pm
S3-03: 2.45pm (Princey LoLo - I'll see you guys at the venue at 2.40pm)
S3-04: 3.00pm
S3-05: 3.15pm
S3-06: 3.30pm
S3-07: 3.45pm
S3-08: 4.00pm
S3-09: 4.15pm

Absentees who are on MC that day will have to proceed to ICA personally with their parents to register for their NRICs.

I understand that 307 to 309 may be affected by the late timing (clash with CCA, tuition etc). For future events, i'll try to make it up to you guys. But personally, do come down for this as I can tell you from personal experience, it takes 4 hours minimum if you choose to go to the ICA.

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