Monday, 21 January 2013

[HOMEWORK] 21/1/13


  • Finish your Independent Learning Log by tonight and post it on the English blog.
  • Finish up the worksheet 'Drafting: Writing a Paragraph' if you have not done so. Remember to annotate the topic sentences, etc. Also check your paragraphs with the checklist given on the second page.
  • Bring the blue ring file and place it at the side of the class tomorrow.
  • Finish up the worksheet 'Unit 1: Cell Structure and Organisation Practice Questions' by Friday.
  • Do the 'Time Management' worksheet given today.
  • Bring an unused file/buy a new file for CE.
  • You may want to tell your parents to check the SST Website frequently for announcements and news.
  • Performance Task proposal by Wednesday. Remember to meet up with your teammates to choose a topic!
  • Bring the materials that were given to you today, as we are continuing tomorrow.
  • We will do a composition on Wednesday. Get the necessary things ready!
  • Spelling is postponed to after OBS
  • Bring your textbooks every lesson.
  • Bring your LD too, but do not take out until Mr Tan asks you to do so. 

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