Tuesday, 22 January 2013

[HOMEWORK] 22/1/13

Bring Chinese dictionary + paper(?) tomorrow.

Form groups by tomorrow. (Unfortunately I'm not sure when is the deadline of the group task (Activity 3 of Worksheet 1) so I'll need to ask Ms Teo tomorrow)

Hand up Textbook Page 31-32 (MCQ and structured Q1 only),
Workbook page 10-16,
Worksheet 1 with the one where you have to get methane and the the mindmap) to Ragul tomorrow.

+ Chapter 3 Worksheet, finish the worksheet except for Page 14, Q3.
Please paste your chromatogram on Page 13.
*There will be no Chemistry lesson on Thursday, but it would be replaced by Bio/Physics.

Please submit this week's ILL on Sunday.
You do not need to do an ILL for the OBS week.

The comprehension worksheet that was given today is due on Thursday (but attempt it today), however, there is another passage worksheet but do not do the questions. ONLY READ THE PASSAGE AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ON THE COMPREHENSION WORKSHEET.
You're allowed to use the dictionary, but no copying is allowed.

Bring along the paragraph writing worksheet tomorrow.

Group task: I'm not so sure about the exact task now, but what I know is that we have to get the article that has been assigned to us, example, group one will do 'reading 1' and so forth. You can find the articles that was emailed by Mrs Jang to you through your SST Email.


  1. Hmm i m pretty sure that it is praveen who we must hand up the ws in chem.....

  2. I'm still confused who is who omg.