Friday, 4 January 2013

Reminders for Week 1

Bring these on Monday
1) Your AUP Form 
2) Your thermometer 
3) Your photo 
4) Your Report Book.

For those who are taking PHYSICS elective ,remember to do the goal setting survey

There is a TEST next week for almost all the subjects you take so hit the books.

Those taking HISTORY Elective, please be reminded that there is a HISTORY diagnostic TEST on Monday. 
TEST contains 2 SBQs and 1 SEQ (intro, 3 PEEL, no conclusion)  

Chapter 1.1 - To what extent was the treaty of Versailles a fair treaty? 
Chapter 2.1 - How did Stalin rise to be the supreme leader of the Soviet Union? 
Chapter 2.2 - To what extent did Stalin's dictatorship devastate the Soviet Union?

-Ragul Balaji

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